What's New for 2013

Braddock Road Volleyball Club is implementing some exciting new policy changes for the upcoming 2012/2013 club volleyball season. The primary goal of these changes is to strengthen our teams by raising our level of competition and challenging our players in ways we haven't in the past. In order to accomplish these goals, the changes being implemented focus on key policies which we feel need to be updated in order to meet our objectives. These policy changes include:


In addition to the regional teams we've supported in the past, Braddock Road Volleyball will now support a national level team at each division. These teams will have ten players per team, be comprised of players with a more advanced skill level, and will compete at more higher level tournaments (see below). We will also support the same regional teams as we have in past seasons at the 14s, 15s, and 16s division.


Our primary goal for these changes is to challenge our players on a level we have not done in the past by exposing them to competition at a higher level than we have in previous years. Thus, our national teams will compete in the National Division at national qualifier events and at in the Open Division in all other events where it is possible, including CHRVA Regional Championships. Most of our national teams will compete in events like Mid-Atlantic Power League (MAPL) tournaments, national qualifiers and 3 to 4 more multi-day/over-night tournaments. Our regional teams will continue to compete on a regional level and in the American Division if they attend a national qualifier event.


We recognize the financial commitment a club volleyball program is for a player and family. Because of this, our regional team fees will remain unchanged from last season. However, because of the additional travel of our national teams, the fee required for these teams will reflect this change. Please see our fees for 2012/2013 season for more details. We acknowledge that there is a significant jump in the cost to play on our top teams but, as in the past, the value of our program will continue to be unmatched in the area.


One issue that has been on-going with our club for a number of years and we felt needed to be clarified is the issue of players “playing up”. Because we are trying to make each team as strong as possible at every level, our ultimate goal is to have teams which challenge every player at their own age so, in turn, there would be no need for players to play in an older division. However, until we reach that point, Braddock Road Volleyball Club has approved a new Playing Up Policy.

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